Thursday, January 26, 2017

Cards inspired by Jennifer McGuire

I was watching some Jennifer McGuire videos and decided to make
a few of the cards she was demonstrating.

This card looked easy enough but it kicked my butt.
First you cut all kind of strips of paper and put them
on sticky back paper.  Well I did not have any sticky back
paper so I had to improvise.  That did not work so I was
back to square one.  I finally figured out a way to adhere
them so that part was done.
Next I cut the hello out of the striped paper.
Then I cut out a white hello die and put it in the striped paper.
The hard part was I had to fill in all those little pieces from the
die.  I had my tweezers out and it was not fun.
I finally got the card altogether and it looks simple
but believe me it was not.  I made four of these and 
that will be all I make of these for a while!  LOL

From another Jennifer McGuire video I made this card.
I took distress inks and blended them and then
added Perfect Pearls on top to get the metallic look.
I made 2 of theses cards thinking they would be good for
masculine birthdays.

I am done crafting for the day!  These two cards were not easy,

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