Saturday, January 7, 2017

Christmas Cards

I have always made the same Christmas cards
every year.  This year I decided to make them different.
My friend Cindy has always challenged herself to make 5 a month so I decided
to follow her lead and try to get 10 a month made.
I made these 5 tonight.  
Cindy and I were creating Christmas cards at the same time
and we were sharing ideas and pictures on Facebook.
It was really fun and we are going to do it again next month.
I think I will make 5 different ones tomorrow to have my 10
for this month done.  I never realized how fun making different
cards are.  Last year I made 128 cards and they were all the same.
Talk about tedious and boring.
I really think I am going to like this challenge and I definitely
liked crafting at the same time as Cindy.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, that really WAS fun crafting with you at the same time! It was fun to share ideas and comforting (and challenging) to know YOU TOO were still up making cards at 10pm... ;)